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a crack in your ear through which sound surreptitiously slips, or an illicit substance which gives your ears immense pleasure while enslaving them to a crippling addiction

Thursday, September 22, 2005

i have evolved

click on the picture to hear what she hears
as you can see, I can now post pictures to this website.

this is the first known picture of my niece, Olivia. She will be born in October, currently she's in my sister's uterus. Already you can see that she is displaying a keen fashion sense, with a taste for polka-dotted bows.

I think it's cool that you can kind of see the 3 dimensions, and it's really quite amazing that this is happening inside another person's body.

"Hearing is the first of our senses to be switched on, four-and-a-half months after we are conceived. And for the rest of our time in the womb—another four-and-a-half months—we are pickled in a rich brine of sound that permeates and nourishes our developing consciousness: the intimate and varied pulses of our mother’s heart and breath; her song and voice; the low rumbling and sudden flights of her intestinal trumpeting; the sudden, mysterious, alluring or frightening fragments of the outside world — all of these swirl ceaselessly around the womb-bound child, with no competition from dormant Sight, Smell, Taste or Touch."

- Walter Murch, from his essay on on transom.org


Blogger Muzachary said...

i love that passage, i sent it to a friend when i couldn't hear her voice.

5:56 PM


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