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a crack in your ear through which sound surreptitiously slips, or an illicit substance which gives your ears immense pleasure while enslaving them to a crippling addiction

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

tasty treat

as you can see, I'm having a bit of trouble with the title photo at the top of this page, the thing that's supposed to show you the lovely "ear crack" logo... I think this will take a bit of HTML knowledge to fix, I hope to learn that little bit of code someday.

In the meatime, here's a snack treat to keep you distracted...
compliments of Jonathan Menjivar, who says:

"they're available at my local market just down the street here in chicago. me and hillary have bought several packs for friends but have yet to try them ourselves. word is they are pretty terrible."



Blogger reverendmother said...

There's a whole line of snacks down in Mexico called "Bimbo."

Cracked me up every time.

6:04 PM


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