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Sunday, November 20, 2005

dj steinski

A friend of mine just turned me on to this really great DJ named Steinski. Apparently in the DJ world he's, like, a legend. Since as far back as 1983, he's been taking a very wide range of audio samples from various aspects of popular culture, and weaving them into these slick little pieces of music. I think one of the reasons I've never heard of him is that his music uses so much sampled material that the clearance rights have made it impossible to distribute legally. Another reason may be that I'm woefully ignorant of DJ culture.

But that's why God created Google, which not only led me to a few informative articles and interviews, but some mp3's of his music as well. And thanks to the miracle of copy and paste technology, I'm able to offer them to you, here, today.

Lesson 1: The Payoff Mix (mirror)
Lesson 2: The James Brown Mix (mirror)
Lesson 3: History of Hip-Hop (mirror)

(These mp3s are graciously hosted by Andre and Cameron)


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