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Sunday, December 04, 2005

his medium? suburban christmas display.

from Barrett Golding via the AIR listserve:
someone sent me this kewl vid of a
rapid-fire sound&lights xmas display.

is it real?
being an incurable fact-checker, i did some digging.

song is "Wizards of Winter" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

this guy sez the light-show exists at an Ohio home:
"This is a friend of mine in Mason, Ohio. These are REAL lights - not animated. The lights are ran from a computer program and it is impressive the time and effort he has put into them to make them work. He only runs it from 6p-10p and the sound is very low outside. He broadcasts over FM so you listen in your car on the radio, that is what you are hearing on the clip. Not offensive to neighbors except for the bright lights for 4hrs."

and here:
they say it's uses a Light-O-Rama sequence
"a leading manufacturer of user programmable light controllers"


ADDENDUM 12/9/05
According to the bulletin board where this video is posted, this display is from 2004, and is the work of Carson Williams, a Mason, Ohio electrical engineer. This year (2005), he had his lights choreographed to three different songs. On December 6, 2005, news reports announced that the 2005 display had been shut down because it was causing traffic congestion problems. Apparently there was an accident in his neighborhood and emergency crews could not get to it because of all the cars lined up to see the display.

You can see a video of his 2005 display here.
A radio interview with Carson Williams aired on WGMD Deleware,
it can be heard here. I don't know the name of the interviewer.

ADDENDUM 12/27/05
Last night I saw this video used in a beer commercial. A fricking beer commercial. I'm not going to say which brand because I wouldn't want to give them even more publicity, but it was a "lite" beer. Get it? Christmas lights..."lite" beer... I feel so disappointed, almost betrayed. But to be honest, I'm not sure why. I mean, everyone and their myspace friend has heard about this video by now. And it just means that even more people can now enjoy this wonderous spectacle of light and sound, while simultaneously getting a beer brand burned into their brain waves. Merry Xmas.



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