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Saturday, December 02, 2006

more fair game

This comment was just posted to my blog:

Wow. Just heard my first episode of Fair Game on KUOW tonight. This has to be the worst new show on public radio that I've heard since...hmmmm, was Rush Limbaugh ever on public radio? Basically, Fair Game is identical to Rush except that it appeals with the same mindless enthusiasm to idiots on the left.

Colleges! Sign up now for a speakers debate between Rush and Faith: Idiotic spew from people who don't know any better for their dumb little choirs.



This was posted to the entry labeled "Fair Game". I deleted the comment, because it seems mean-spirited and it doesn't appear to be from anyone I know personally. But in retrospect maybe I just should have left it. Doesn't matter now, because I'm featuring it in this post.

This is an ongoing issue for us -- how to keep the show balanced, while also making it relevant, and funny in an intelligent way. Some epsiodes we achieve this better than others. But we've only just begun, and we're still learning. It's good to know that there are people who are hearing a bias, because this is clearly a problem and something we want to avoid in the future. I just wish some people were more polite about voicing their concerns, ya know? We work pretty hard.

What do the rest of you think?
(UPDATE: On second thought, I think we should leave that question rhetorical)

If you'd like to give it a listen, our fifth show ever was produced this week. You can hear it by clicking on this sentence.
(UPDATE: the show is sounding much better now than it did then. To hear the latest show, go to Itunes or morefairgame.org)

P.S. I just created a new myspace page, for my little pop song things I make. All the songs there can be heard here too, but on myspace you can see a cool picture of Super Grover as my profile pic. Check it out!