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Sunday, June 03, 2007

good times

There's a really nice article about Fair Game in the New York Times today. I'm really excited about this because a lot of people will see it. My dad even gets the Sunday NYT, and he lives in the middle of Illinois. The title of the article is a bit unfortunate, but the piece itself is very positive. Here's what they say about Faith (our host):

What makes her stand out on public radio is her down-to-earth approach. She doesn’t hold back on genuine (read nonjournalistic) gasps of “Oh my God” astonishment or delight.

But the really exciting news for us is this:

“Fair Game” is making inroads in the highly traditional world of public radio, but slowly. A spokesman for WNYC, which bumped “On Point” for “Fair Game,” said the new show had improved ratings in its time slot, but wouldn’t give specific numbers. At KERA in Dallas “Fair Game” replaced “BBC World Service” at 11 p.m. and has raised listenership by 58 percent. KERA initially heard grumbling from people who missed the BBC, said the station’s program director, Jeff Ramirez, but now “the main complaint is that people wish it were on earlier.”

We also had a good write-up in Time Out New York this week, so overall it's been a good week for us, publicity-wise. In all honesty, I think the show keeps sounding better and better, so if you haven't heard it in a while, give it a listen!

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