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Monday, September 10, 2007

new toy

I've been working on this score for a television documentary, and I decided that I'm going to need a broader palate of sounds. So last week I bought a set of fairly realistic orchestra samples. I have it all set up so I can record the instruments directly into Pro Tools. I played with it all weekend, just to get to know the software and see what it's capable of doing. This is what I ended up with:

powered by ODEO

If you have trouble getting the flash player to work, try clicking on this sentence.


Blogger Liz said...

I get the error message "Error loading from undefined" when I click the Play button.

Are you using a MIDI controller or just importing the samples directly into ProTools?

10:32 AM

Blogger Jonathan Mitchell said...

Yeah, I just tried playing it from a different computer and I get the same thing. I'll try to figure it out later this evening. Try back tomorrow - hopefully it'll be fixed by then.

I'm using a MIDI controller, but I'm playing the sounds directly into audio tracks (i.e. no sequencing).

11:26 AM

Blogger Taylor Fogelquist said...

J - Taylor here....happy birthday!!! What is your number/email? Would be great to catch up some time. I am at tf[at]taylorfogelquist[dot]com. Cheers, Taylor

3:10 PM

Blogger Lauren Fleishman said...

Hey Jonathan can you email me? I am the photographer that shot the Sweet 16 piece. I am working on a new project with sound and wanted to see if you wanted to be involved lauren@laurenfleishman.com

thank you :)

1:36 PM


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