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Saturday, November 18, 2006


I'm going to make a confession, and this is not going to be pretty, folks. I went through a phase in college when I was a real snob about music. Basically, I thought anything that was really accessible was too easy to write, and therefore bad. I was wrong. And I'm so relieved that I was wrong, because I was missing out on some pretty amazing music.

John Corigliano is a composer who I missed out on during that time. Now I realize how great he really is. He's even won a Pulitzer Prize and an Oscar, which ought to count for something. About a year ago, I met with him to talk about one of his major influences (and a composer who I always loved, even when I was in college): Aaron Copeland. The piece I produced from the interview is airing on Studio 360 this weekend.

You can hear it by clicking on this sentence.

Also this week, our third ever Fair Game episode aired.
You can hear it by clicking on this sentence.
This being a new show, I'd be really interested in any feedback you have...


Blogger Muzachary said...


bout to listen to your session that i wasn't able to attend, then to shades of gray.

hope you're well. much love...

1:15 AM

Blogger Kurt Opprecht said...

This is funny. You didn't tell me it would be funny.

3:03 PM


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