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a crack in your ear through which sound surreptitiously slips, or an illicit substance which gives your ears immense pleasure while enslaving them to a crippling addiction

Friday, July 13, 2007

my brilliant niece


Anonymous Balowski said...

Hello!.Recently I´ve discover Paul Pena and searching in the web I found in your blog an audio interview with him that you produced.Is still any posibility to hear it?.I saw Genghis blues and I´m still shocked...His music is amazing...as much as the things that he got.If there is any possibility I´d be very grateful.I´ll check your blog in case that you allow me to hear it.(by the way...I´m from Spain)

10:38 AM

Blogger Jonathan Mitchell said...

Hi balowski!
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
The Paul Pena piece can be hear at prx.org, just do a search for me and Paul Pena, and it should be pretty easy to find. let me know if you have any trouble. it's also available on the new PRX mp3 collection of my work that I mentioned in my post today, so look there too. Thanks for your interest!


12:43 PM


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