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Thursday, January 05, 2006

the plan


Barrett Golding's got a new show.
It's a sound rich orgy of radio goodness culled from already existing material, a lot of it found on the Public Radio Exchange.

I just listened to the Elvis episode, I'm looking forward to hearing more. Barrett says the idea for this show is to be "closer to the way a music DJ presents a show than to the typical public radio ‘informational’ style. The showcase will mesh with the format of an eclectic, music-based station."

It's called The Plan...

"A weekly half-hour transmitting all human knowledge on a single subject via a series of rhythmic radio bursts."

Perhaps you didn't know there was a Plan. Well, there is:
The Plan transmits all human knowledge on a single subject as thirty minutes of rhythmic radio bursts. You have been selected by the Planetary Powers to receive this week's Plan.

You will then have The Plan. Your will then know The Plan. Do Not Attempt to Change The Plan.

Here's our Future Plans:
Time - 1/1/2006 - New Year's chronological contemplatons.

Elvis - 1/8/2006 - Elvis Presley Jan 8 1935 - Aug 16 1977.

Race - 1/15/2006 - Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Holiday.
Train - 1/22/2006 - Ridin' the rails.
Ice - 1/29/2006 - Groundhog Day (Dead of Winter).
Love - 2/12/2006 - Valentine's Day.
Prez - 2/19/2006 - Presidents' Day.

The Plan is a PRX-funded Showcase Series, produced by KGLT and Hearing Voices. They are to blame.

You need to have a prx account to hear it, but it's free to sign up if you just want to listen.

PRX recently gave grants to six stations to produce their own local shows using material found on PRX, this is part of that. Barrett's station is KGLT in Bozeman, Montanna, the other stations that got these grants are Vermont Public Radio, New Hampshire Public Radio, KFAI, KRTS, and WMPG.


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