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a crack in your ear through which sound surreptitiously slips, or an illicit substance which gives your ears immense pleasure while enslaving them to a crippling addiction

Saturday, February 25, 2006

life in a cave

I'm teaching myself how to use this animation software I downloaded, and I needed something to do for practice. The audio for this is a bumper that I made last month for a radio show (I wrote the music, and that's me singing). Just for fun, I decided to try and come up with an animation that would go with it.

You need Shockwave installed to see it, I'm using YouTube as a hosting site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

having trouble loading this video

10:40 AM

Blogger Jonathan Mitchell said...

thanks, should be fixed now. let me know if you're still having trouble...

11:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

having trouble not being charmed by your singing voice!

2:34 AM


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